Wednesday, May 02, 2007

You don't understand us so don't reprimand us

I got a fifty-song gift certificate to iTunes because I cancelled some American Express thing (uh, super, guys - will you give me a cruise if I tell you to go fuck yourselves?). So Woo hoo! Fifty songs!

I started out really responsibly. First I made up for CDs I'd lost in breakups and still miss - R.E.M., Flaming Lips, Stranglers, Chemical Brothers. Then stuff I'd only ever had on vinyl and cassette - the Police, the Pretenders, Todd Rundgren (A Dream really does Go On Forever, in case you're wondering).

And then it got a little hazy. I had every intention of filling in some obscure corner of the Neil Young oeuvre as a nice thing to do for Bob... but somehow I got sidetracked into the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Goldfrapp. Clap Hands Say Yeah, Franz Ferdinand, Tilly and the Wall, Fountains of Wayne - Jesus it's like college in my iPod right now.

I got k.d. lang's cover of Helpless, maybe that counts.