Tuesday, January 16, 2007

No sleep til Koco's

01 11 07 007

We went to the roadhouse around the corner the night we got back from vacation. The only way to get seated was to take 2 tall two-tops. The kids are comfortable enough at that place and know how to behave in restaurants, so we let them have their own table and Bob and I had a chance to talk to each other at dinner. Nice!

In fact, they were so well-behaved that Bob joked to me, "Hell, next time let's just give 'em a credit card and send 'em over here."

I look at this picture and I think: It's going to seem like no time has passed when we see them sitting here drinking from pint glasses instead of plastic juice cups. It will be amazing. I hope they get along well enough in 15 years to have a beer together.