Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Conversation with the prodigy

01 15 07 014

"I'm sinking of an animal and you have to guess."
"It lives in the sea and has SHARP teese and for many people it is their worst fear."
"Is it a shrimp?"
"Is it a squid?"
"Is it a halibut?"
"No, don't be silly, mommy."
"Ok. Is it a shark?"
"YES!! Your turn, you do an animal that lives on the land."
"Ok, I'm thinking of an animal that has stripes and sharp teeth."
"Is it a jaguar?"
"Um, no. A jaguar has spots."
"Is it an okapi?"
[Awww, he paid attention when we visited the Hall of African Mammals. Warms my heart.]
"No, an okapi doesn't have sharp teeth. An okapi eats leaves."
"Does that make an okapi a vegetarian?"
"Yes it does, little boy."
"I need another hint."
"Ok it's orange and black."
"What letter does it start with?"
"Tuh. Tuh. What letter makes that sound?"
"... tuh... tuh... 8!"

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