Saturday, January 27, 2007


Reduced to laying on the couch yesterday looking at the pictures in W magazine, I kept wondering, "Is it me?" These pictures, taken with my cell phone because I couldn't even get up to get my camera, are from the First Ten PAGES of that magazine.

excuse this hair?
Scarlett Johansson looks kind of like Bozo here.

buy this dress so everyone can see your misshapen pelvis

This model is I think named Natalia Vodianova and as we can see, her pelvis places her somewhere on the evolutionary spectrum closer to birds than people. Someone thought this might be a good picture to advertise this dress.

I think her head is on backwards, that's all I can guess

I like the haircut though.

poor Dakota Fanning, now she's Blair Witch fodder

Raped in her new movie, bullied into a corner by Juergen Teller. At least she gets to wear Marc Jacobs.

ok well at least this is SUPPOSED to be f'ed up

If you're going to have your pap smear filmed for posterity... uh, I can't even complete that thought.

This cold is just killing me.