Monday, January 01, 2007

Not like Stephen Stills

12 30 06 055

I love it when my guys have shaggy, floppy hair. I picture them as these untamed-looking creatures streaking down the soccer field, hair streaming out behind. Big Man, in particular, has a very thick head of hair and when it gets long it's a real mane. There's kind of a resemblance to Danny Torrance in The Shining, but really only a few people besides me see it. (Andrew and Miguel, thanks a lot guys)

Unfortunately, my sons don't like their hair long. They'd gotten kind of unkempt over Christmas and both of 'em have been complaining about it being in their eyes.

So the other day, everyone's just kind of randomly messing around, I'm paying bills on the computer, and I hear that soft crick-crick scissors sound. I whirl around and there is the Big Man with a fistful of hair in one hand and his new scissors in the other.

Deep breath.
"Ok, first of all, I probably have never told you not to do that, but, um, don't do that. And really don't do that to your brother ever, ok?"
"Second? Saddle up, gentlemen. I have received your message loud and clear, and you will be please to hear that today is Haircut Day!"

His hair's so thick that a little later, when he was in the chair at the Hair Cuttery, the lady couldn't find where he'd taken the hunk out. They both insisted on getting "sideburns" though. They think sideburns are cool. I think it makes 'em look like Romulans.

I met an Irish guy in an Australian pub in Avignon one time. He was kind of a pain. He wore his hair buzzed so short it was just shy of shaved. In the course of winding me up, he told me that he was in the French Foreign Legion. I didn't realize that the French Foreign Legion still existed, but I wasn't about to mention that and open a whole 'nother avenue of derision (and why do some guys think that's flirtatious?), so I passed off his revelation with, "Well, that explains the haircut then." He reared back on his barstool and bellowed: "Haircut? HAIRcut!?! Me hair doesn't GROW any longer than this!"

Northern Irish Legionnaires. I could probably live without 'em.