Friday, January 12, 2007

Any ideas?


I learned to knit. Well, I "learned" to "knit".

The above abomination of wool is what happened when I combined a beautiful ball of yarn with some random instructions off the Internet.

Oh My God you say. Put It Away you say. Hey but come on! I finished it, didn't I? I tried different combinations of the knitting and the purling; I bonded with my friends and relatives and neighbors; I even got a little better at counting there toward the end.

It's also a little timeline of interactions: I could show you the point at which Gretchen showed me I was holding the string too tightly; where Kate helped me to not do it backwards; you can see where my mom taught me how to purl; and a couple inches from the end Heidi showed me how to cast off!

So you see, it took half a dozen people and oh, at least 4 months for me to knit something that is too wide and short to be a scarf, and uh, too wide and short and irregular to be actually anything.

You know who it fits? Mr. Three. If Mr. Three were the shawl type, this thing would be the perfect shawl for him.