Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Animal Speaks

I went out last night - the Baltimore Bloggers Happy Hour at the Wharf Rat, where I met Anger Hangover and confirmed my suspicion that we had a lot in common. Now it's just a hangover, no anger involved. A little self-disgust though, holy crap I smoke a lot when I am unsure of a situation. What, do I still think it makes me look cool?

With Bob taking some time off between jobs, I am lucky to have the luxury of sleeping in on a day like this, when my lungs are rumbling and my eyes burning. And after the Old Man took the Big Man to school, Mr. Three came to keep me company and pet my face with his soft hands and sing me songs. I know some people don't believe me, but a three-year-old does beat hell out of a cat any day.

While I was drinking exactly one too many beers last night, Bob was hosting a meeting here at the house. He's been doing a lot with Big Man's school, and they were reviewing the applicants for some job. He quit his job about a week ago and it's been a bit strange. We've all had colds, and I picked up yet another part-time job (that makes 4 if you're counting), and we're gearing up to tear the house apart for a renovation, and he has all these meetings and stuff.

All the same, I found myself sitting on the couch reading a magazine yesterday afternoon. And Mr. Three, who usually is pretty self-entertaining, now will not accept any grownup doing something that doesn't involve paying attention to him. Like for instance sitting at the computer. Get off my arm, little boy.