Monday, October 22, 2007


I embroidered this baby blanket for my cousin's forthcoming baby girl last Friday. It was a BIG change from my usual embroidery projects, which have taken anywhere from a week to, let's see, six years (and counting) to complete.

I'm a bit proud of this, I think it came out well. I did the whole thing more or less freehand, plus I tried a new stitch - the bullion knot - and I used almost all my favorite colors. It's the whole reason I do embroidery actually - the floss comes in such amazing colors.

Other accomplishments this weekend:
  • I read To Kill a Mockingbird, almost in time for the Big Read event Sunday night. Oh well, the food was amazing and I sat with great people who had read even less of the book than me and who let me eat their frog legs (I saved the beautiful little bones, they look like tiny Q-tips!).
  • I skipped dinner Saturday night, went from work straight to the neighborhood wine tasting, and ended up in my kitchen making my friends try all the disgusting things in my refrigerator. Hee hee!
  • My fridge is on
  • I made the Indians lose with my optimistic thinking.