Thursday, October 11, 2007

I got the spatula, just do as you're told

I picked all the brown food. heh.

Next week is National School Lunch Week.

No, really. It's apparently not a joke. I remember school lunch - I used to sit on my sandwich because I didn't want to eat it and the teachers would walk around inspecting your lunchbox to make sure that you ate everything. No wonder we're all obese in this country. Hrmph.

So, on their web site you can cast your vote for which mascot you think would best represent National School Lunch Week. Take a look. Really. They're all terrible - ugly, badly-drawn, and actually gross - but it's Yumi Rice Bowl that's gonna be chasing me down the halls of my junior high in my nightmares tonight. They put sticks in her brain! AAAaaghhh!!

A far better mascot for National School Lunch Week (I mean come on! who comes up with this crap?!) would be Cathy (above), the virtual lunch lady in the Virtual Cafeteria. You really have to try this one out - you can choose what you want for lunch (actual school lunch menus are used) and see how nutritious each item is. The Virtual Cafeteria tots up your total calories, protein, etc. - oh, and also how much you've spent - and Cathy gives you praise for picking the healthy stuff.

My favorite part? The Condiments tab in the lower right-hand corner. That's got to be the cutest illustration of a mayonnaise packet I've ever seen.