Thursday, September 06, 2007

Two, two, two for my family

img084, originally uploaded by your neighborhood librarian.

I don't do leftovers. Which is quite unfair of me, because I do a lot of the cooking, and I do things like cook a pork roast in the middle of the week just because I have a day off, and then we have this huge lump of meat in the fridge that I won't do anything with.

Luckily, Mr. Librarian loves to mike up a big leftover dinner for everybody. So it would seem that between the two of us we do ok, right?

Not. Because the leftover dinners that he makes are mostly on the weekend days when I work, or Monday night, when I work, so that means that by, say Thursday, our fridge is choked.

Choked. Because our other problem is our condiment addiction. See all them little bottles and jars? We have sambal. We have easily three kinds of mustard.

We also have:

Homemade mango pickle from Mrs. Pavan at Pavan's Indo-Pak
Homemade habanero hot sauce from Janie
Homemade stewed garlic from me
Homemade horseradish from some damn place
Salsa (3 kinds)
Somen soup base
Pickled baby green tomatoes
Pickled okra
Pickled green beans
Picked something I thought was green beans but appears to be stems of some kind, but the writing on the jar is in Russian so I just don't know. They're good though.
Pickled herring
Pickle relish
Vidalia onion relish
Banana pepper rings
Ground red peppers
Roasted sweet peppers
Wasabi in a tube
Tomato paste in a tube
Pesto in a tube
Miso paste
Garlic paste
Thai green curry paste
Bacon bits
Duck fat
and Miracle Whip

Oddly, no ketchup. Hm. Sounds like a hell of a sandwich though, right? And what goes best with a sandwich? A nice cold beer... but wait! All that crap in the fridge means no room for beer!

It would be a disaster, except my folks got a new refrigerator a few years ago, which of course meant a new hand-me-down fridge for us, so we also have the fridge in the basement to fill up. Just extra juice, milk, beer, SlimFast and water down there right now though, we're judicious.