Monday, October 01, 2007

More candy for me!

Halloween is the best. Best holiday. Best color scheme, best iconography, best outfits, and best shopping - with candy, one size fits all!

I just lifted a new paperback off the shelf written by a guy who REALLY gets it. Titled Extreme Pumpkins, it's all about the best ways to gut a pumpkin, how to get 3-foot flames to spurt out the top of a pumpkin, and how to make a bathtub full of blood.

But I wouldn't have blogged about it if it hadn't made me laugh out loud three times. Three times. That's my threshold. If you're once, twice, three times funny, you're gonna get blogged.

1. Cannibal pumpkin. A big jack o'lantern with a teeny screaming jack o'lantern wedged in its mouth. Yeah man.

2. Puking pumpkin. An ill-looking jack o'lantern with pumpkin guts welling up and out of its mouth (and nostril, nice touch!).

3. Punk rock pumpkin. Painted flat black and then carved, this jack o'lantern gets staples for eyebrow rings and a piece of hose clamp for a lip ring.

Additional over-the-top Halloween projects are documented in full on the man's website. Go forth. Scare the neighbors.