Tuesday, October 09, 2007

You may be a lover but you ain't no dancer

Ok I took the plunge and entered Second Life.


Well now, obviously that's not fair. I only spent 40 minutes or so bumping into walls and trying to master the vertiginous view settings, plus about 30 minutes making my avatar look less like an anime prostitute and slightly more like, ahem, myself. Admittedly, a version of myself 20 years ago and with better skin and bone structure and more volume in my hair but hey! in Second Life you can be hideous, you can be weird-looking, or you can be about seven hundred thousand different varieties of gorgeous. Ordinary is not an option.

The first thing I did in Second Life was to find "the crappy town where Wash is a hero." Big Firefly fan. I got inside Serenity, then found I was too tall to fit through the doors. Shortened myself (I guess ducking is a skill to be mastered later), went in. Looked around. Took a picture. Left.

As for what I was there to find out: yes. There is sex in Second Life. Also dancing. Neither seem wise.