Thursday, July 26, 2007

My week

img018, originally uploaded by your neighborhood librarian.

Boy 1 got Boy 2 in the face with a shovelful of mud (yes, that shovel up above, and thank god it's plastic). I am almost 100% sure by accident.
Ergo, Monday morning was spent at the doc in the box, and the rest of Monday was spent trying to subtly ascertain whether or not the child was seeing double. Very hard to get that kind of information out of a four-year-old.

that's gonna leave a mark

Scrounged every free minute to read Harry Potter before someone spoiled it for me.
Ergo children went without socks and I went commando for two days (v. behind on laundry).

Saw a rat traveling from the compost to the veg garden.
Ergo pest control guy ($200, he did an ant-go-'way spell too) and new, sealed, composter ($275).


photo by Big Man

Pruned the shrubs.
Ergo 12 nathanfillion insect bites. On the up side, I totally avoided the thorns of the wild rose bush that I have failed to kill every year since we moved here. Last year I cut that fucker off six inches below the soil, and it STILL came back.

Bought a minivan. Gonna miss that Subaru (Subaru means 'unite'!) but hey! no more fighting over whose phone gets the charger!

Almost forgot: Cat (or cats) expressed her displeasure at the ant treatment by pissing on the playroom bed. That always puts the cherry on top of any week.