Thursday, July 19, 2007

Friday Fun - Overheard with pinpoint accuracy

Oh my god this is what funny people with skillz ought to be doing with their time. Overplot: Overheard in New York plotted onto Google Maps. Of course I went straight to AMNH first, and then the Met, but really, the stupid follows no geographic rhyme or reason.

And speaking of people embarrassing themselves right out in the open (this would be me now), what's with only the authors whose work I don't totally rave about coming to my blog? I don't write many bad reviews, and now I think I'm going to write even fewer... I feel like a big jerk because first Michael Buckley, and now Howard Whitehouse have left comments on my less-than-glowing reviews of their books. Snif. Thanks for not being pissed at me, guys.

Also? "Plotte" is French Canadian slang for cooter. I knew that, I didn't have to look it up.