Friday, July 20, 2007

It was not I who brought the girl into this

This is the easiest thing to make that is excellent to eat. You could call it garlic confit, you could call it stewed garlic (but that sounds disgusting). You could call it the comestible equivalent of a nice Moby song.

Get a plastic tub of whole peeled garlic cloves. Keep it in the fridge, use the garlic. Live in peace. After a couple of weeks, that garlic is going to get a little bendy and a couple cloves will start to grow a little white fur. Throw the furry cloves in the compost, and put the rest in a small saucepan. Cover with olive oil. Turn flame to low. You're looking for a bare simmer, which you're going to let go for an hour or even two.

Let cool, transfer the garlic to a clean jar and pour in enough of the oil to cover. Will keep basically indefinitely in the fridge.

Spread it on toast. Mash it up and use it in dips, marinades, mashed potatoes. Use it in sandwiches. Live, as I said, in peace.