Tuesday, April 24, 2007

She looked just like her mother, if there could be another

This librarian blog thing is getting downright eerie. Every time I happen upon a blog that I think is funny or interesting, it turns out that the blogger is another librarian. SJ. Maughta. MotherReader (mother, reader, smartmouth). fusenumber8 (who got an advance copy of the next Kiki Strike novel, must be nice to work at Donnell). Marissa (also a Daniel Craig fan). Julie at work. There's a ton of em.

And just last night I came upon NixieKnox, who, come on, her blog is Your Friendly Neighborhood Librarian! In addition, she has two kids, lives in Detroit (which is a lot like Baltimore), Daniel Craig is her secret boyfriend, and she really liked Kiki Strike in the Shadow City, such a great read, kind of like if Wednesday Addams lived in Manhattan and made friends; go to the website, it will satisfy your craving for detail and intrigue. So we're practically the same person.

To say nothing of the Society for Librarians* who say Motherfucker. That one puts me back on the rails every time.