Friday, August 11, 2006

The librarian blogs

My sidebar was getting ridiculously long, so the links to my spiritual colleagues are now getting their own little corner of the workroom. You'll still be able to get to them from the sidebar - just click on "Librarians blogging their butts off".

  • The Society for Librarians* Who Say Motherfucker
  • @ the library
  • Bad Girl Librarian
  • Biblia, the Warrior Librarian
  • bitter librarian
  • BiblioSquirrel
  • blogwithoutalibrary
  • blyberg
  • Dewey-eyed and shelfchecked
  • Dewey's Dartboard
  • DIY Librarian
  • Earth to the Librarian
  • Family Man Librarian
  • fluffah wins
  • Free Range Librarian
  • Foxylibrarian
  • Fuse #8
  • The Hot Librarian
  • I, Asshole
  • The Illustrated Librarian
  • Librarian Avengers
  • Librarian Ire
  • A Librarian's Guide to Etiquette
  • Librarian on the edge
  • Librarian Trading Cards
  • Library Revolution
  • Library Underground
  • Lethal Librarian
  • The "M" Word
  • mapz: a gis librarian
  • Metalibrarian
  • Miss Information
  • Pop Culture Librarian
  • The Reflective Librarian
  • The Shifted Librarian
  • snaggletooth
  • Strange Librarian (our Julie)
  • Stu Weibel
  • The Subversive Librarian
  • tinylittlelibrarian
  • Uncaged Librarian
  • The Vampire Librarian
  • Walt Crawford's Bloglines
  • Well Dressed Librarian
  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Librarian
  • The Zenformation Professional

    1. So excited to find your blog and your links to other librarian blogs! I'm working on my MLIS now (finished in June!), love to read blogs, and really enjoy reading about others in my future field...Don't worry, the horror stories won't scare me away from being a librarian...I managed a Barnes & Noble...Think I saw almost everything there!
      Thanks again,


    2. Umm...

      Did you really mean to include "I, Asshole" in that list?

      I'm not sure that it goes where you think it goes.

    3. no, really - SJ is a librarian!

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