Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Lust Dream

lust dream, originally uploaded by pwilnyc.

He had to ravish her - he had to kill her!

Gosh I think I've HAD this dream - the one where I'm Parker Posey? and my tree-limb arms are like suspended from the ceiling and somebody's painted out my nipples and I'm being strangled and my coif is getting a little disarranged? Wait no I just have the dream where my teeth fall out.

You know most 1950's and '60's pulp porn was erotica disguised as cautionary tale... or cautionary tale tarted up to look like erotica. This is a humdinger of the genre. The teaser on the first page reads:

Harlot Mother!
He was blessed with a sordid memory of his 14th birthday. For on that night he saw his mother twisting and churning in the arms of a strange man, and ever after Sean McClain would know no peace. Not in the orphanage where they sent him after they took him shuddering from her grotesquely strangled body... that was where he had the first dream. Not later, when he joined the Police Force ... the dream of the wanton, willing, enticing blonde whose face was a mask of Death.
Churning. That's actually kind of effective imagery. But what I like is that it's not clear whether the john or the boy strangled the mother. Hm! Must read more! (Well actually not - I've had this thing for probably ten years and never even cracked it. I'll just leave it in the closet for the boys to find when they get older.)

This is an original Nightstand Book