Saturday, March 17, 2007

You scumbag you maggot you cheap lousy word-I-won't-use

(and that's sayin' something)

Not usually a fan of St. Patrick's Day. I just don't like the holidays that are excuses for dressing stupid and getting hammered. That stuff is for amateurs.

But... Bob wanted to celebrate his first paycheck of his new job by going out to lunch, and he is half Irish, and it is St. Patrick's Day, and there is this Irish place that I hang out at, uh, from time to time (hey! my prayer group meets there Monday nights, shut up!), so we went to Ryan's Daughter for lunch.

Thinking about The Troubles

It was a scene, man. Packed but we got a table anyway. Ran into Counterpoint Mary and her Bob, showed off the kids to the bartenders (I'm sentimental that way. God this post is making me sound like a sot). Ordered from the one-day-only limited menu and I have got to say, usually places totally punt on the drunken-holiday food, like you go to Fells Point for any festival and they've laid in huge quantities of the worst frozen crap you've ever blearily shoveled into your gullet (which is why we avoid that place like the clap whenever anything remotely festive is going on), but today Ryan's Daughter's food was, if anything, better than usual.

And then got home and called our 100% Irish Best Man who is in the hospital after almost dying of septicemia brought on by decades of concerted drinking. Bottoms up, folks!