Wednesday, March 28, 2007

When I become one with the sun

I sing the praises of the Cramer Kik-Step.

It's the right height to sit on, it gives you just enough extra reach when you stand on it. It's on casters so it rolls wherever you kick it, but the casters are retractable so as soon as you step on it, it sinks solidly to the floor. It has a black rubber band around the place where it would hit things, and the treads and top are black rubber too - non-slip!.

Mine is shiny red. It lives in the kitchen, and I can look at it every day and envision what my kitchen's going to look like once we bankrupt ourselves to re-do it. Shiny red cabinets and matte black walls. We just got drawings from the architect. I can't decide whether to be excited or terrified.

(me screwing around with the IKEA kitchen planner tool)

Meanwhile, the Kik-Step rolls around like a little animal.