Thursday, March 22, 2007

She's a super-geek, she's super-geeky, yeah

I know at least one person who's going to ridicule me without mercy for this.

Ok, I'm a librarian, right? In library school I learned to use WorldCat, a subscription online database of materials in libraries worldwide. It's for finding books that aren't in your library and requesting them via InterLibrary Loan.

Ever since my free library school password expired, I've been all irritated that I didn't have access to it at home. Sometimes you just need a bib ref for a book on Mycenean pottery designs, ok? Sometimes you just do.

So now WorldCat is online and free and you can even put a widget for it on your blog in the sidebar, right under LibraryThing (which is also great) and right above the badge for Mothers for Social Drinking.

Scroll down, try it out, and then mock me.

UPDATE: Jeremiah and my favorite Strange librarian: get the widget here. You do have to register, but you don't have to give the librarian secret handshake. Jeremiah, someday we'll teach you that. It gains you little, but it's fun to know. Heidi, thanks for fulfilling my prediction of mockage!