Friday, March 16, 2007

Suspended in Ga-choke-splutter-@%-retch

I could be thinking about middle school fiction. I could be trying to remember that joke Mr. Three told this morning. I could be designing chicken coops in my head.

Instead I am thinking about Kate Bush.

When's the last time you found yourself thinking about Kate Bush? That witchy shriek, those undergraduate themes (love, Brontë novels, clouds), dressing up like a lion, doing mime, oh god those awful videos that ruined the few good songs she had...? The chiffon! It burns my eyes!

Look at her. I'm not English and so I'm forbidden to use the word "daft," but she is, so maybe she's working on providing a visual definition. What is that? "Here is some sand, it's so heavy I have to use both hands, but I forgot to close my fingers so it's all falling out... or... is this sand? Please kind sir I have this fistful of kitty litter and I'm not sure what to do with it..."

So, do you ever wonder what Kate Bush is doing at this moment? Yeah me neither.

Now that it's crossed my mind though, I kind of wish she has cut her hair, bought some miniskirts, thrown away the Fairlight, and learned to paint like Agnes Martin.

*tappity tap*

Oh fuck don't go find out - the birdsong alone will make you want to shatter your monitor. Although? Note to Tyler? If you're looking for a huge batch of incoherent lyrics because you have about 15 songs to finish, you could do worse than to point Ira at this.
If they find me racing white horses,
They'll not take me for a buoy.
Now there's an if:then statement that I can get behind.