Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Your Neighborhood Librarian thinks she's seen it all, but it turns out she can still be surprised by her colleagues

Your neighborhood librarian may be... a rock star!

(Not the one wearing a jock over his pants. That guy's not a librarian. I mean, please.)

I was early to see the Senators at the 8x10 last night and the opening band struck me as not amateurish or too self-involved, juvenile in a good way, and having really a lot of fun. I hate describing bands. "Good" or "Boring" are the two different words I use, and this band fell on the "Good" end of the spectrum.

Anyway, as I wander closer to the stage, I squint: that bass player sure looks like Our Current Token Male Librarian, which is who he turned out to be.

And why not?