Monday, August 14, 2006

composition with bunny and Elmo

composition with bunny and Elmo
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1. We bought Spotlit Bun from Margot Curran about 6 months before she blew town to the next art school teaching gig. Margot's daughter was named Merle - "Merle the Girl" we called her. Margot made the best clothes for kids out of old adult clothes. Her label was called "Miggy". We hadn't found just the right place for this painting until we painted the living room green.

2. That baby doll is named "Lefty". You may have to look closely to see why.

3. My brother gave us Chicken Dance Elmo probably 4 years ago at Christmas and the batteries haven't given out YET.

4. Sometimes that kid isn't smiling like a blast of sunlight, but usually he is. Bob took this picture.