Monday, August 28, 2006

Big Man goes to school

first day of kindergarten
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I don't have much to say here.

He's so excited and he'll do so great. And I'm such a mess!

I saw the tough guy who lives nearby with the coffee roasting place and all the tattoos this morning - he was taking his daughter, she's starting kindergarten with Big Man - who is getting way too fucking big, that's what I have to say! He can be a serious pain in the ass but I'm going to miss him so much! Seven hours a day, can you imagine that? for an almost-five-year-old? I hope he likes his lunch, it's totally lame.

Anyway, I saw Thomas the tough guy this morning after he dropped off his daughter and I told him what a mess I was and he showed me he was wearing sunglasses so nobody would see him cry.

This has been hands-down the most stressful thing that's happened since he was born. Between WHERE he should go (public = scary, private = expensive) and IF he should go: his birthday is Sept 1, the cut-off day - "Child must be 5 on or before Sept 1" so he's THE YOUNGEST in the whole school. He's totally smart enough but whether he's emotionally ready... and SEVEN hours?

into the maw of Education

He's never been to preschool - he's gone almost 5 years with no grownup to judge him besides me and Bob. From here on out, there will always be someone he has to perform for, you know? There will always be a teacher or a boss.

But I've been working with the school since before it opened last year - a charter school with lottery entry, we totally lucked out that he got in - so we know the principal and the founder and his teacher and plenty of other parents, and he's seen his classroom before, and it's beautiful and great.

He loves his backpack too, we've made a big deal out of all the school supplies, and he wrote his name on his art smock and I embroidered over it... I should probably be grateful that I can take a shower any time I want now (when they're both here I can leave them unsupervised for exactly 4.5 minutes, so by the time I'm rinsing the conditioner out of my hair Mr. Three has found some reason to be screaming).

he'll do fine

I'm not one of those people who sniffle, "Just yesterday he was a little baby," let me tell you - just yesterday he was chanting "Mine! Mine! Mine!" over some piece of crap with his brother in the car and I wanted to pull over and flee.

But thank god I still have Mr. Three here to hug and kiss.