Tuesday, July 18, 2006

We don't have cable and I don't miss it

Ok the two boys are happily watching PBS Kids. I hear a familiar voice. Accustomed as I am to checking in on Sesame Street only to find Kofi Annan singing the alphabet with the muppets (seriously, check this out, the list of people who have visited Sesame Street is like an encyclopedia of the twentieth century), I crane to see who's serenading Elmo this time (Edie Falco? Venus Williams? Lil' Kim?), and it turns out to be a PBS Kids station break. Kids running around a park and what I heard was We're Going to be Friends by the White Stripes. Totally appropriate, but still, wow.

Celia Cruz singing Put Down the Duckie with Ernie, now that I wish I'd seen. I'll have to settle for Carol Burnett and her nose. Others to look for on YouTube - Johnny Cash, Stevie Wonder, Natalie Portman.