Tuesday, July 18, 2006

oldest horoscope of the world

Yet another Internet horoscope personality quiz I couldn't quite resist. From France! Based on time of birth and ... extinct reptiles! I'm a Scorpio! Year of the Snake! And an Archaeopteryx! High five!

Although I'm a little uneasy about the 'data processing specialist' recommendation. I've done a lot of data processing in my time.

Sorry about my lack of html skills messing up the sidebar.

The oldest horoscope of the world

Discover your prehistoric future

Archéoptéryx: you were born between 4 p.m. and 18 hours

Clever, inventive, you announce new times. Your contribution considerable, but is not always well included/understood, which passes by achievements of alleviating appearance of which you can be the first not to immediately measure the long-term range and repercussions.

It seems that nothing exists that you do not need to modify it, and the reasons are numerous in you who combine interdependent individualism with an unquestionable taste for the mental gymnastics and impassioned curiosity. Very early, you are interested in the world which surrounds you and seek to know it thoroughly.

In love, it is the spirit of collaboration which creates bonds. One often sees you sharing with your partner a profession or ambitious joint projects, with the image of two scientists leaning on the same microscope. These bonds are durable and founded on the mutual respect.

Professions: engineer, researcher, technician, builder, doctor, midwife, male nurse, data processing specialist.

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