Wednesday, July 19, 2006

That camp is Worth Every Dime

Big Man Is Wearing a Snake
Originally uploaded by pwilnyc.

Hey, it's been ages since I posted a picture of the howling cuteness of my boys! How'd that happen?

Here is the Big Man at his expensive camp, wearing a really large snake around his neck. He is framed by fangs because they made foam frames for their pictures. Glued that priceless photo into the foam with hot glue. Dag, man, I would have hung that baby on the wall! Do you SEE the size of that snake?

In the tub last night when I told him that Daddy and I are going to see the Senators, he started singing "Giant Steps," getting all the words, including the tough part: "I got the tape in my pocket, I pop it and lock it, I take giant steps." If he grows up to be a seven-foot black man wearing a Stetson and a jumpsuit, I will totally go to all his shows!