Thursday, July 20, 2006

"My name is Landis, and I write a lot of songs about booty"

I just found a place you can hear our friends the All Mighty Senators for your own self. Seriously, take a minute. Ignore the mosquito sound you hear at first.

And when I said I would be proud of Big Man growing up to be a seven-foot black man wearing a Stetson, I was talking about this seven-foot black man:

Bob kept telling me, "You know, you keep saying Landis is so tall, but really he's pretty much normal size." Then at the show Tuesday, he admitted, "Ok maybe it's the hat, but yeah you're right, that's one tall guy." Everybody looks bigger standing behind a drum set.

They're on iTunes, and here, or on Amazon.

Now, they say they've been around since 1986, and that's a long time, right, but I remember a letter (remember letters? his was on yellow legal paper and he had GREAT handwriting) that my high school friend Billy wrote me in college saying, "My god come back home right now, I just heard this band and they are like nothing I've ever heard." Had to have been 1983, my first year, because Billy wasn't writing me by my second.

So I have been going to see this band since the mid 80's, but with a big gap - I moved to NYC in 1995, then had kids, so all told I missed live music for about 11 years (except for getting yelled at by that dick John Lurie at the Knitting Factory, but then who hasn't).

And after not having seen these guys for a decade, I got greeted after the show like no time had passed. I was really touched. Although judging from the crowd at the 8x10, I may be one of the few familiar old faces. Lotsa young kids, it made me smile.

The youngest fans would be my boys, who sing the words and have Senators dance parties in the living room. If we're bored waiting in line we do call and response: "Do you got the soul?" I ask, and they say, "You know that's right!"

Actually they like me to ask, "Do you got the mustard?" Mystifying. The little one doesn't even LIKE mustard.

So, will I be at the 8x10 next Tuesday night for the Booty Ball? Dyno-mite!