Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Four tickets to Paradise

on the train
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This is on the Strasburg Rail Road in Lancaster County, PA. You think he's having a little fun? My god, they both smiled so hard and so long I thought their faces would crack in half.

I think they're at some kind of turning point in their relationship with each other. For like two years now, if I turn my back for more than 5 minutes, some kind of altercation will occur and Three will be shrieking. I can time it - during my shower, by the time I'm conditioning, he's on his way up the stairs, "He hurted me!"

I have to yell for Big Man to come and be accounted for, he usually gets a time out, Three keeps hollering, "Get outa dat showa NOW!"... it's almost not worth being clean.

But last night at dinner Mr. Three announced, "You know, my buller is my best buddy." And this morning while they were getting dressed, they sat next to each other on the bottom bunk and played I Spy, taking turns and cheering when each other guessed right.

Mr. Three says "I pie..." of course. I'll be kind of sad when he starts pronouncing those initial S's.