Sunday, July 30, 2006

my new favorite room

Rolling Hills by Behr
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I can't stop looking at the living room.

I painted it this insane green. It was a long, filthy job and I am not a good painter. Every piece of furniture I moved, every painting I took off the wall, released gallons of dust and cat hair that immediately adhered to my sweaty, painty body. In addition, something about the pigments in this paint got into my body and gave me the WEIRDEST taste in my mouth all week.

Now that I am finished, observations:

  • I am a bad painter, but the previous painters were much worse.
  • The green contrasts with the stained wood trim so well you'd think I meant to do that.
  • All our art totally pops against it.
  • It makes our couch look like a car up on blocks.

That so sucks - not only do we not have the money to replace the couch, but also, I have no intention of spending that kind of brick on a piece of furniture that will only get destroyed. We had the couch slipcovered just 3 years ago - green frogs on black (looks better than it sounds).

The sharp new green walls pick up some of the green in the frogs but the black background now looks faded and dusty, and the cushions are all mushy and broken-down. Nuts.

On the up side, do have a look at what I just bought on eBay!

Will it look great in the green room? Will I have to tie the kids up if I want them to not swivel on it 24 hours a day? Am I an idiot to buy furniture that I actually LIKE while my kids are both under the age of 5?

Yes, yes, and YES!! But it was a hundred bucks and it will make me happy.