Tuesday, December 19, 2006

(Original brand)

I bought this stuff when I was at the place I want to go after I die because I don't believe in Heaven because remember? atheist last week. I bought it because my husband likes eggnog and will buy that weird crap you get in the carton at the grocery store and which doesn't even have any alcohol in it, I mean huh? if I don't get in there first and supply him with a presumably superior cow's mucus product.

Let's have a look:

"Made with real dairy cream, rum, brandy, and blended whiskey."Mmmlph. My mouf is tuck togebber.

"Shake before pouring."

I'll say. "Consider your other options before pouring," that's what it oughta say.

And of course, it's Pennsylvania Dutch brand. Because when you want to get really really fucked up during the festive holiday season, you look to the Amish.

Resources: Anonymous Coworker drinks it for you.