Saturday, December 09, 2006

Boy book club

book club

I'm fortunate, I know it, to work at a public library. I have access to a gamillion brand-new gorgeous books for kids and I bring home something like 40 of them a week. I don't have to spend a mint to keep my kids engaged and excited about books, and I don't have to go out of my way to get them.

Coming down the stairs this morning, this is what Bob saw. Both kids curled up in our shoe baskets (? surely there are more comfortable spots) "reading" the books that I brought home from work on Thursday.

Big Man got his first report card this week. He's got something of a temper, and arg we've been working on ways to deal with that, but on the plus side, he's proficient in almost all the developmental areas they measure, and his teacher tells stories about him initiating and following up on projects.

He also had his first dentist appointment this week, and was interested and talkative and not at all resistant or afraid.

He loves science and dinosaurs and New York City. Just in case the future is rocky between the two of us, I want to go on record to say how proud I am of my cool kid.