Wednesday, September 13, 2006

More tripe, please

Do you get what this is? A message embroidered backwards on your pillowcase so that it imprints across your sticky cheek or forehead or in the case of my children who sleep weird, calf.

You can buy it from this guy in the UK but shit, I embroider - I'd rather come up with my own messages.
Or you come up with one: best suggestion wins it on a pillowcase, embroidered by my grubby little hands. Choice of colors mine (dictated by what colors of embroidery floss were left in my granny's sewing basket when she died). (If that grosses you out, um.)

Oh my fucking god... not since the Pooper Scooper Law has dogshit been worthy of this much attention. See it all at the headquarters of the Sprinkle Brigade.


gosh this is heavy..
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I have been fooling around looking at Japanese toys and miniatures and came across this group of photos on Flickr. This stuff is beautiful, it's meta-kitsch, in fact it's probably well beyond kitsch, and... but... my god the things people have time and money for.

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IV. Have you Power of Tenned lately? Here is a heart-stopping version. Moves from far outside the Milky Way down to the quark level. When you're done, click to the Molecular Expressions Galleria (or come back here and click the link, their navigation sucks) and check out the fabulous microscopy pictures, like this lotus blossom.