Monday, September 18, 2006

action heroes

I'd be happier if this photo were minus the squirt guns, but both smiling and looking at the camera - I can call it a day.

Oddly, like the minute I posted this photo on Flickr, I got this comment:
"ei cine sunt, verisori de-ai tai sau copiii dintr-o curte???Simpatici oricum :)"
I finally figured out that the language is Romanian, but when I threw it through a Romanian-English translator, I got
"her who sunt verisori from - of tai or children tooth curte??? Simpatici either"
I could probably do better treating it like it's Latin - off the top of my head I would get:
"Who are they, family members of you or children from court? Either, I like them"
I assume "children from court" refers to their guns and the Big Man's striped pajamas. I am surprised how miserable the online translators were with Romanian. I am surprised how similar Romanian is to Latin. And who knows how this Romanian kid came across this picture?!