Thursday, September 28, 2006

Go to D.C. buy me things

All right, I saw these, called Damned Dollies of course, at last year's Bazaart, the annual crafts fair at the American Visionary Art Museum (this year, November 25), and to date nobody has bought me one. Even though I have dropped hints as broad as, "See this? I want one of these!"

Now she's going to have a booth at the Crafty Bastards fair in D.C. this weekend. I think that I must not go to this event, oh there's not enough disposable income in the world for all the plush baked goods and hand-painted vinyl wallets I need.

Not to mention this beautiful skirt.

This amazing ring.

A case for the craft supplies I gaze longingly at but hardly ever use.

Big soft heads you can wear on top of your real head.

Pirate baby clothes.

A lamp made of cocktail umbrellas.

Ok that's it, we're goin'.