Friday, September 01, 2006

Big Five Man way up high

He made it to five. So far, not irreparably damaged I don't think.

Learning to control his freak-outs, thank god, or else six might have been an unlikely aspiration.

Had his first show-and-tell yesterday and for the first time learned the pleasure of eliciting a reaction from an audience. He took the silly glasses, of course, and told his class that Uncle Miles looked the best in them because he has so much hair. He enjoyed performing, which doesn't surprise me, but it does please me.

Look at him, he's getting so big. Mr. Personality.

Here is another picture of him with his dad reading the paper.
He's smaller in this picture. It's early September of 2001, back when you could read the New York Times and also be smiling.

We very briefly thought it was a funny joke that his birthday was 9-1-1. Then ten days later we didn't.