Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Back to the issues

I've stopped sniffling long enough to fry some fish, vote in the primary, get the kids to bed before 9pm, and catch up with the bandwagons.
  • Everyone from everyone to everyone's mother is right - OK Go's video with the treadmills is beautiful. I wonder how many times they nearly ripped their ears off going through the handlebars of those treadmills before they got it right.
  • The Official Seal Generator is numbingly fun.
  • This Star Trek / Nine Inch Nails mashup (I believe they call it) is not safe for work due to how very many times the word 'fuck' is in the song (well I guess "how many times" is not the issue), but jeez oh man, find a secluded corner and watch it. Genius.
  • I neglected to credit The Comics Curmudgeon when I lifted that Apartment 3-G strip the other day. I read that guy a lot, I always suspected you could find humor in the asinine comics in the daily paper, if you paid close enough attention. Josh does, and he shares. Ahhhhh.
  • And somebody figure out for us how Sean can get his mazes published. Sean is some kind of savant, he will just absentmindedly doodle a detailed, functional maze the size of a full sketchbook page. He does other things too, I mean, it's not like he lives in a Dumpster and doodles mazes. That's just a sideline.

PS: Speaking of savants --
  1. When I played the Nine Inch Nails video for Bob, he identified which Star Trek episode each tiny snippet of film came from.
  2. Here is 5-year-old Big Man applying himself to Sean's mazes. See if you can do them any faster.