Friday, June 23, 2006

You know that Journey song?

"Don't STOP!"
"Hold on to that FEE-LI-I-ING-ING-ING"

It sucks, right?

So I'm sitting at a red light today, and that song starts coming at me, 50 decibels, 50-cent-type decibels and I look around me, like what mentard listens to JOURNEY at an insane car volume - doesn't he figure he's going to get pulled out of his car and beaten and jeered at?

And he comes to a stop behind me, a huge shiny red Dodge Ram pickup truck, and in my rearview I can see that he's a dead ringer for Terry "The Toad" from American Graffitti. Haven't seen that in a long time, we ought to rent it. Mackenzie Phillips before she got all DJ-from-Full-House.

I'm STARING at this guy, and he is ROCKIN out. I mean Oh yeah drummin on the steering wheel (does that song even HAVE drums?) DIGGIN on Steve Perry, who we had a bet at my old work and it turns out he's like half Korean.

And the guy sees me watching him in the rearview and leans out his window a little and checks himself out in his side mirror. Then he lights a cigarette, I swear it must have been his first. He looked very young and he did it kind of wrong.

The light turns green, he turns right at the next corner. In the truck bed I saw two lawn mowers. Guy still mows lawns and he's into Journey? What sick old man turned him onto that?