Friday, June 23, 2006

[animal noise]

Well I read about finslippy's immensely justified meltdown when her babysitter hit her boy this morning while I was handing out Thomas the Tank Engine knockoffs to toddlers in the kids section at the library. (Well I mean, the babysitter and the kid weren't there in the kids section, I was reading... you get it.) And I kind of thought to myself, "Gosh if she'd asked me I could have told her: never hire old babysitters, they were not raised on Marlo Thomas and Sesame Street and do not know what from what."

So about an hour later, I get a call from camp. Boy1 started day camp (really only half day camp) this week and it was the first time he has ever been dropped off, anywhere. He was real busted up about it:

Off to camp for the first time

I barely got him to hold still while I clicked the shutter on this huge milestone in my life - the moment I drive away without my oldest son. Still choked up about it.

Today was the next milestone: I work all day, so the babysitter had to pick him up when camp was over at noon. We have been preparing for this all week. I emailed her detailed instructions. I showed her how to put the carseats in her car. We peered at a map together. I gave her the documentation. I prepared Boy1. I prepared Boy1's counselors.

And then they call me at 12:30 "Nobody came to pick up your kid."

I won't torture myself with images of all those little guys sitting on the grass getting picked up one by one until there's only Boy1 left. I am pretty sure that he was thrilled, he loves camp very very much.

But I will not call that stupid bitch again.