Sunday, June 25, 2006


There's a giant battle raging over at dooce - and the statement was made that there's no such thing as a right to wear clogs.

Ehh, it's summer, there's not that much to get worked up about.

I will concede that clogs are kind of stylistically null, and I'll admit that I wear clogs only because I'm a librarian and I'm on my feet all the damn time, and I'm a mom and I need footwear that I can shove onto my feet without using my hands.

But I bought my husband a pair of those dang foam clogs that seem to have spread like a rogue linguistic meme, and I was happy to find them. The unlucky fellow has the toenail fungus, and he's self-conscious about it. So he ends up wearing sneakers with socks all summer and he's hot and uncomfortable, and the swim bag coming back from the pool has his gross socks in it.

He looks a little like a male nurse in them, but that beats the poindexter swim-trunks-and-shoes look and it sure as hell beats the rabid yeti feet that I usually can't see because by the time his socks are off my glasses are off too.

the end