Thursday, June 22, 2006

DPW truck

DPW truck
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This is where I live. The city of Baltimore, it has never done anything particulary nice for me. But it's been the setting for so much bravado, so much derring-do. I climbed the Lord Baltimore Hotel, I explored the wreckage of the McCormick building down on the Harbor where a parking lot is now. It was 3 inches deep in concrete dust mixed with cinnamon.

I ran a business, I inadvertently threatened a cop with a baseball bat, I dialed 9-1-1 I don't know how many times, and at various times I seem to have known almost everybody.

It's hot here, it's muggy, it's poor, the schools are pretty bad, and parts of it are almost deserted.
But today I saw a yellow truck with the weird seal and the big smile peering out, and ok I love this town.

UPDATE: I have thought a little about the Seal and here is what I see: a phallus (a duh), elevated but strapped all around, surmounted by G. Washington in - excuse me - a toga. And with a yonic entrance slit below, allowing what to creep in? tolerance? corruption? a parade of gummi bears in drag?