Monday, June 26, 2006

More rain, or: Trying to keep from swearing in front of the kids

More rain
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It's really quite a bit of rain. Torrents interspersed with drizzles, then little bits of blazing sun that lase the moisture from the sidewalks into steam that seeps up into the air.

I don't mind it, it's good for the plants, except the humidity is - insert whatever cliche you've read about high humidity here - and the kids are stir-crazy, and the flies, and the ants, and the microflora.

For example, the bread I bought Friday has mold on it. For example, the cat food spilled on the basement floor this morning has mold on it. It's kind of cool looking so I almost took a picture, but it's also gross and besides then I'd feel obligated to clean it up.

However, there have been setbacks in the ongoing battle with my involuntary locutions.

Today, getting the kids, the dry cleaning in its clingy bag, my keys, my bag, etc back into the car, my wallet dropped into the filthy creek rushing through the gutter.
Winner: me. "OH! Dag! Nabbit! Rats! MRRUH!"

Yesterday, getting the kids, the swim bag, the hand-me-downs, the shoes, etc back into the car after a visit to the cousins, we realized we'd left the windows down for 6 hours, with a 45 minute drive ahead of us.
Winner: the rain. "Ohhhh, SHIT."