Sunday, April 13, 2008

Making the pitch

04 12 08 018

One of my jobs is to keep track of topics that might make for good library displays for my system. I write about it on Grooming Tips from Sneaks, a kind of localized version of Pimp my Library. Oh, I'm a trendspotter, all right. Mostly I keep an eye on the sports schedule, the school calendar, and the New York Times Style section.

I also check the coming attractions on imdb and list the movies that might provoke interest at the library. Like we had no Cormac McCarthy on the shelves for months after No Country For Old Men came out. But not all months see an Coen-brothers adaptation of a novel by an award-winning author. For example, here's my list of movies for June of 2007 with my one-phrase summaries:

Gracie: Girl plays soccer.
Surf’s Up: Penguins surf.
La vie en rose: Edith Piaf sings, is miserable.
Nancy Drew: Girl sleuth cracks the case.
1408: John Cusack goes to hotel hell, repents for Must Love Dogs, via a Stephen King story.
A Mighty Heart: Marianne Pearl tries to find her husband. Angelina Jolie tries to avoid the paparazzi.
September Dawn: Mormons + settlers = the Mountain Meadows Massacre. A dark moment in Western Expansion.
Ratatouille: Rats, Paris, food, Pixar. How about a display of kids’ cookbooks? Fun!
Evening: Mom is dying, daughters are processing. From the novel by Susan Minot.

I make no excuses for "Fun!" Especially since Ratatouille is the only movie from June 2007 that I could actually muster up any interest in seeing.

The only reason I was thinking about this is because I had a look at this summer's coming attractions. GOD.