Monday, March 24, 2008

Were you looking to buy a house? RETRACTION

How about this one? It sure is nice, believe you me. We've lived in it for just about five years, and we love it.

We were thinking, though, that we needed more space. So we got some plans drawn up to Do Work on it. The plans, they were expensive, I will not lie. But our street is such a perfect place to live that moving was out of the question. So, when our lovely neighbor across the street had to sell her lovely (bigger) house because she has moved to Boston, we bought it. Just like that. Pretty much just like that.

So now we're selling our super-nice bungalow style house. Here are some photos, captioned with detailed information.

If you are interested in moving to Northeast Baltimore, where property values are low and community involvement is high, please email me. We can talk.

NOT selling the house. Gonna live in the house. Love the house. Is it going to be too small for us in the future? Probably. Does it have one and a quarter bathrooms, which is at least three-quarters of a bathroom too few? Definitely. I am NOT looking forward to using the same shower as my two preteen boys in 5 years. But I guess we'll figure that out sometime in the next 5 years.

We could have moved to the house across the street, and it would have been great. But the evidence supporting a move got weaker and weaker, and as we showed our place to prospective buyers, the catalog of its defects got shorter and shorter.

I still feel like a doofus though. Bob and I have declared a moratorium on making decisions for a while - we are obviously not as good at it as the people who pay us for our judgement think we are.