Monday, March 31, 2008

Children of the revolution

Our Mr Four is a coloring book aficionado. We buy the Dover coloring books because both boys love the detail and the exciting subjects - dragons, knights, pirates, and, in this case, the American Revolution.

It took him two days to get this page done to his satisfaction. The little yellow things on the green grass are candy, "to get the bad guys to come close so the good guys can shoot them."

He colored each button on the soldiers' boots individually, and their hair is blue because he didn't have a grey marker. When he was done, and he presented it to me, he realized he hadn't signed it. The book was oriented with the bottom of the page toward me, so he wrote his name on it UPSIDE DOWN, getting only one letter reversed. (I smeared it out in the scan, to preserve his anonymity).

May I reiterate? He's FOUR.