Friday, March 28, 2008

Couldn't escape if I wanted to

new bracelet, originally uploaded by your neighborhood librarian.

I am usually resistant to the kawaii in this world. The Sanrio holds only glancing appeal; cute hair barrettes haven't tempted me since I was in junior high and my best friend Vivien and I painted our own with tiny miniature scenes and preppy stripes. Hrm: I wish I had some pictures of those - Vivien was really talented. Is, that is, except now she uses her talent by finding oil wells and making her kids' Halloween costumes instead of painting barrettes and making her own wedding dress.

Fast forward more years that you know how to count... and... the other day we stopped in at this terrific rug gallery in Culpeper, VA, looking for maybe a wall hanging for The Talented Cousin Rachel's changing room at her massage therapy office, which is now this awesome inside-the-heart shade of red with an oatmeal-colored carpet... and ok, the rugs were great, but crazy expensive... and there was this whole table full of beaded jewelry and sculptures. Man, there was a 6" long iridescent alligator that called to me (it sounded like "Aaruugghh" but really really quiet), but it was too expensive and besides we have WELL ENOUGH things that just sit there and look neat.

And you want to hear about the bracelet. I don't blame you. It has about seven of these beaded charms, all just as clever and intricate and adorable as can be. It closes with rare earth magnets, which - my god, how long has it taken humanity to come up with THAT!? Lobster clasps? Fuck you! Where's the Nobel prize for the magnetic bracelet-clasp person?

There are matching earrings, mismatched. There is a sweet necklace that reminded me of the LEGO necklaces Big Man's friend Faith the Boy makes for his mom. (Kirsten, man, that kid is going to be a GOLD MINE.)

It has everything that a charm bracelet should have, including moving parts:

(the dolphin's tail wiggles!)

and an Easter egg:

It comes in a box that is orange, tied with a silk repp tie,

and lined with FAKE GRASS!

And to cap it all off... there is NO perceivable online presence for this craftsperson! Not even on Etsy! Unless you can go to Culpeper, VA, you cannot have these cute cute cute cute cute cute so cute even I love them charms.

Or unless I'm spelling it wrong and my googling is flawed from the get-go.

Oh ok. I found an online presence - but you still have to find a local retailer.