Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fug the READ poster - Julia Stiles

It's March! I'm mad!

No, wait, that's not how it goes exactly I don't think. I don't know. I have never understood the whole brackets thing in the college basketball, and I'm not a gambler, although I do understand "Win or Go Home" - although it had to be explained to me more than once that not all sporting contests work that way.

But now. Now I get it. I have filled out my brackets, I have considered the potential matchups that might result from each victory or defeat, and I have hedged my bets. Because GoFugYourself is holding their own March Madness tourney, complete with AW-THENTICK sportswriter verbage. I LOVE IT. Not only that, but I GET IT.

And so, in the spirit of the fuggy madness, I give you... Miss Julia Stiles.

Not a seeded competitor in the tournament due to her excessive studiousness and unwillingness to wear shoes strapped to the outside of her pants, she still has made intermittent showings in the fug pages. A bad cover, a bad dress, a sheerness incident.

Enough embarrassment, apparently, to show up to her READ poster photo shoot dressed like... well... let's just say my colleague Dances With Chickens wore exactly this outfit to work today, prompting me to say, "Hey! Way to look like a librarian!" prompting her to complain that boyfriend had slacked on the laundry and that's why she was dressed like that. Me and my girls in the museum library in NYC used to dress like this Every Day in 1998. Long black skirts or knit pants, long black sweaters, black Dansko clogs... we looked like a murder of crows.

Listen, Stiles: when the librarians wear your outfit and think it's frumpy... it's frumpy.

Dances With Chickens? You looked perfectly fine today.

And me? I tried to compensate for my unshoweredness with a hairclip and a scarf and a cashmere sweater from Old Navely Maternity (I am not pregnant).

Sevigny FTW!