Sunday, August 05, 2007

This is mod

Two words. Miroslav Sasek.

I had a lady today looking for this series of really great children's books from the 1960's? each one was about a different city? and the illustrations were really neat?

Well, first of all, I earned my librarian wings today by discovering the author's name and locating copies of the books at the city library. Based on that description.

And second of all, how come I've never seen these books? Not only are they exactly my taste, but they are exactly the kind of thing my parents were into in the '60's. They are the coolest composed salad at the barbecue.

Miroslav Sasek. This is London. This is Paris. This is New York. This is Israel. This is one old Czech who really got around! Some of them were made into films and are available on the website. Rizzoli's Universe imprint has reprinted many of the books in facsimile editions. They're pretty reasonable on Amazon. But I'm going on the bookfinder to find copies of the originals.