Monday, February 19, 2007

Yes I am Mother Nature's son

little men

If you were curious about sledding and ice-crusted snow, here are the answers: a saucer will go fastest; there is no controlling your direction no matter what you are using as a sled; try not to sled down a hill that you can't get back up; if there are thorn bushes, you will end up in them.

That just about covers it. Oh, except - if small children are sledding, have an adult at the bottom of the hill or else they will never stop. Plus that way it's a lot like bowling.

Joe mowed down a small tree with his face; Bob hit a fence so hard we thought he'd concussed himself; Jeannie sailed about ten feet into the bushes when the sled she was on stopped and she didn't. Heading into the thorns with Big Man on my back, I tried to wipe out, but succeeded only in rolling us over and pinning him against a tree.

Let's go to the video: